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      I have signed a contract to purchase a house and I have just discovered that the house has polybutelyne piping. I have spoken with several plumbing professionals as well as neighbors who have the same pipe in their homes. Half of the people give great reviews and the other half tell me not to buy the house. I need help to make my decision within the next 48 hours!!!

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      I am not sure which type of polybutelene you have installed in your house, though the 2 manufacturers that spring to mind are Iplex (commonly known as Profit) and Hepworth H2O. I have installed many homes with both systems.

      The Profit system uses a copper fitting incorporating a seal on the inner tubing using a copper crimping band.

      The Hepworth H20 system seals using a rubber O-ring and stainless steel grab ring in a poly fitting. Hepworth has the longest warranty I know of in the industry, guaranteeing its product for 50 years. (Check with the manufacturer on conditions)

      The main advantages a poly pipework system has over metalic systems is the elimination of water hammer.

      Polybutylene and cross linked polyethylene systems have been tried and proven overseas for many years before they were introduced in Australia.

      Hope this releives your distress and anxiety.



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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Damo. Be very carefull, the guarrantee only covers the material, any failures of which the push fit system is notorious for will be denied, I can email you copies of letters signed by a Mr Lyal Mayberry to confirm this.
      I have gone to Auspex because it is up to us to actually make the joint,it uses brass joiners.
      Profit uses copper fittings, & the reason we have changed to polybutylene is the blue water corrosion of copper because of what I believe to be a composite of factors. 1) acidic water,2) TDS’s, 3) friction because of undersizing, 4)electrolyses.

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