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        I turned of our well pump power and then the main line gate valve to install a new supply line valve to a toliet. When I turned it back on the problem started! We have two hot water heaters. One for the main house and one for the kitchen. The one in the kitchen now has very low pressure from both the hot and cold lines. The rest of the house is fine. I thought a air lock so I restarted the pump but this time clear the presure in the water heater, still no pressure in the kitchen. The problem has to be in the branch in the supply to the kitchen before the hot water heater because of hot and cold. Any one know what approach to take to clear the branching joint. Do I use are presure? Vic

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          This sounds like a severe restriction on the cold water line prior to the H/W tank and supply line to the kitchen. I would personally check the nearest valve on the cold water supply leading to this tank and possibly isolating it from the system. The remove the bonnet and check o make sure the Gate/washer (if a globe valve) had be dislodged in the partially closed position.

          Just let the tank cool down 1st so you don’t get back feed and get burned and shut off the water to this valve.

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