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      We have placed on offer on a home in Teaneck, New Jersey and when we had the inpection last week, the inspector noted that the pipes were galvanized. He said they were prone to rust and they should be replaced. That is a big job, I think. To top it off, the main water supply line from the city water main to the house is lead. He recommended that it be abandoned and a new supply line be installed. My question is how much money are we talking here – just ball park would help me. The house 75 years old, and before I waste my time getting specific estimates I need to know if financially it is even doable for us. I would appreciate any comments from anyone with knowledge where this is concerned. Thanks.


      Lynn Halverson Garcia

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      unless your totally sold on this is your dream house or you can turn it into one great profit margin i reccomend keep looking

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