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      greg fornaro

      I have just renovated my bathroom and have relocated the positions of Both the Toilet and the Shower. Under the House I am about to connect the new shower and toilets waste back to their origional sewer point under the house. I would like to know under the shower do i need to install a trap of some description so that the smells from the sewer do not come up into the bathroom if so what one. Thanks Sydney Australia.

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      Retired plbg1

      Yes., you need to install a P trap the same size as pipe to showder, make sure everything is vented.

      Art retired plbg

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      Hello frend,

      Yes, Ontario Plumbing Code mandates the use of a trap for every fixture. The trap has to be within 1200 mm of the fixture drain opening (in this case, the bathtub drain).

      victon2007-12-13 15:46:29

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      Hello friends’ .Getting a new plumbing installation can involve a series of glitches that are easily overcome with the help of a good plumber. A consultation prior to any work undertaken is a worthwhile endeavor. So before relocating always take suggestions of the professional plumber.

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