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      Gearoid Ryan

      The metal flanged base drain , I understand has a locking mechanism is that left handed threads? The acrylic base and drain were put in 30yrs ago. I am updating to a modual shower shell. I cut a hole around drain to pul out base, but am having trouble with metal flange on drain pipe.

      Thanks -Mike

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      Retired plbg1

      The reason you might be having trouble with flange because it might have a lead poured caul joint . Take off strainer and look, and take a knief are something and scrath around the joint and see. If it is take an el. drill and 3/8″ bit and drill a series of holes in the lead joint and finaly dig it out with screw driver,
      . If you cant do that then go down below and take a sawall and metal cutting blade and cutpipe and use a nohub band and piece of pvc and reinstall, if that is to much for you call a Lic. Plumber.

      Art retired plbg

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      Retired plbg1

      I forgot it is right hand thread on flange, might have to use some heat from torch to get it loose, let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      I want to thank you for your reply, I did not know what a hub band was till I read one of your replys to someone back in 2004. When I pulled the shower base off I seen the 2 clamps loosened them and the drain popped out. I would still be wrestling the project if I did not read the FAQ’s
      Thanks again

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      Shower base drain stinks. So cleaning the drain is very important as quickly as possible for that check what have chocked the pipe of the bathroom. If it is not possible by you then call a professional to help you.

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