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      Ernestine Allen

      We are renovating our bathroom. There are separate shower and tub, new toilet, and the plumbing was completely replaced. Also the toilet and tub were moved from where they were before. When we installed the toilet and try to flush it – it didn’t flush at first, but after a few times it started to drain slowly. Now it flashes but now every time, and often it drains slowly. At the same time, the drain in the shower gurgles, and once we had water came up from a laundry room drain behind adjacent wall after the full tub was drained. No drain problems in the sink, shower, and tub. Worst of all – the tile is already laid, and if the problem is plumbing (which I’m sure it is) – is there any way to fix it without breaking the floor? Any advice is appreciated.

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      Sounds like you have either a blockage in the toilet drain or a blockage in the vent system. I assume that when you moved the fixtures you made sure they were properly vented. There could be something wrong with the water closet (tank) itself. Try pouring a bucket of water down the toilet to see if it flushes OK, to rule that out. First step: snake out the drains to clear an obstruction. If that doesn’t work, you have a serious problem with the DWV design.


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