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      My husband and I just bought a house and know nothing about septic tanks or related topics. A few weeks after we moved in we noticed a spot in the yard (roughly 4′ 2′) that stays damp. I am not sure if this spot is over the tank itself or the lateral lines. We have no problems with back-up or odor in the house. We do have a home warranty that will cover damage (after a service fee is accessed) but not general maintenance. I am not sure if I should call someone out to pump the tank or call in a service order. If anyone has any ideas, clues, suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you

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      Retired plbg1

      The pipe could be stopped up are broke, only way to find out is dig it up. let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      Call and have your tank pumped, the service person that does the work should be able to tell you if there are any problems and what you should do.

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      John Aldrich1

      I suggest that you obtain a copy of the septic system permit and an as-built drawing of the original system from the local regulatory agency. You are in luck if they have these documents. If the as-built drawing is accurate, you will be able to determine which part of the system is clogged. Do this before you call in a professional so that he or she can determine a course of action. You can also save a few bucks (in many cases a large amount of money) if you uncover the septic tank access hole before the septic tank pumper arrives.

      Before backfilling, I recommend that 20-inch plastic risers be installed over the inlet manhole, and the outlet manhole of the septic tank. The covers of the risers should be at the final grade elevation to allow easy access to the tank. Let’s face it, if you must excavate the soil over the septic tank manhole with a shovel, chances are that this chore will be avoided. I use Tuf-Tite brand risers.

      I also recommend that the outlet tee of the tank be fitted with a septic tank effluent filter. The brand that I use is manufactured by SIM/TECH (the big bottlebrush type), although there are several other high quality filters on the market.

      The filter will reduce the organic matter in the effluent from flowing into the leach field. Clean the filter annually on SEWAGE INDEPENDENCE DAY.

      What on earth is SEWAGE INDEPENDENCE DAY? Well, if you are an American, this is July 4th of every year. Celebrate your independence of the sewer grid, and accomplish the annual septic system maintenance duties. With this independence comes the responsibilities of a septic system operator.

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