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      We are building a home and have an issue as to where to put our leeching field. The builder and the septic engineer are proposing to build the leeching field under our new driveway. We are questioning the wisdom in doing this. The D Box and tank will NOT be under the driveway but we are still concerned. Appreciate anyones input and feedback. How critical is it to have access to your leeching field?

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      I would not allow it under driveway because when it gets wet you might have problrm of driveway sinking, also you are loosing the benefit of fiel that is under driveway, have it redesigned so drive way is out of way, move tank are driveway to make it work.

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      You do not want to drive over a septic field or leech bed. I doubt that would even pass inspection.

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      Having a leach field under a driveway is a very bad idea.

      With a driveway you want the soil compacted for a trouble free road surface. A lech feild should not consist of compacted soil for leaching purposes.

      A leach feild also is desigend to evaporate some of the water that discharges to it, with a driveway hard surface above it, it just is not a good idea.

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      ok – so having learned that – guess where my leach field is? under my driveway! I bought this house in april 08 and started having problems in september. 2 people live here and the previous owners were 2 people. the house is 2 years old! when i would do laundry, the toilet would bubble. and when we flushed 1 toilet the other would bubble. no odor or anything to see, just noise. so we called the septic tank guy and had it pumped out. it was full to the top with liquids. no solids to be seen on the top or bottom. 1 month later – toilet bubbling again. so we took the gray water and re-plumbed it away from the septic tank. and waited and hoped for the bubbling to go away. still hasn’t. the septic guy said we should replace the field, but the tank and everything has to be replaced all at once to pass code. so he says we have to replace the tank too. obviously we don’t want to pay for all that. any ideas? can the toilet be bubbling from a clogged vent? only 1 toilet is bubbling and the 2 toilets are at the same level.aardinger2008-12-16 07:35:00

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