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      Eldon Pinto


      I live in Spain and have a leak from a drain where the recently fitted PVC drain pipe from the sink joins the old ceramic drain. The PVC drain was installed about 3 years ago before I bought the house and it seems whoever did it made a pretty bad job.

      The old ceramic drain is at least twice the diameter of the PVC pipe so I need to know how to make a secure joint between the two. Since there is about three-quarters of an inch between the outer surface of the PVC pipe and the inner surface of the ceramic drain, there’s quite a lot of space to fill. Also, the ceramic pipe is almost horizontal so the joint needs to be absolutely water-tight.

      I was thinking about using plumbers putty first of all (at least an inch in depth) and then covering this with a layer of mastic of one sort or another. Would this be a good solution or does anyone have a better idea?

      Another idea I had was using expanded polystyrene foam filler, but compressed so that it is effectively an adhesive rather than a foam and then covering this with a layer of mastic.

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      Hi John

      You can use a fitting called “Adapter to fit E W spigot”
      I am not aware whether you can buy Hardi iplex fittings over there but their code Number is V132 if you can.

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      Retired plbg1

      Here we use Fernco fittings, here is there web site look un tder couplings, let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      Hi Stewart and Retired,

      Many thanks for your advice. I’ll see if I can find what you suggest over here.

      Best wishes


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      Here is another site you could try:

      These are great coupling to use and you can get them in all sizes.

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