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      Edgar Mayne

      I have a grinder pump in a basement lift station. This pump occasionly quits pumping (just replaced pump & switch). The pump will run but not pump. I remove the rubber sleeve above the check valve and drain the water that is in the pipe above the sleeve and resecure the sleeve, and turn the pump back on and it works. For some reason the pump is losing suction. Can someone help with suggestions as to why this is happening. I do now the level of the water in the tank is in the 6-8 inch range when the pump is done pumping its discharge, but then I am not sure why it does not shut off.

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      Could it be air locked?

      Check the weep hole on the bottom of the pump to make sure water is draining out of it.

      Many plumbers will drill a small 1/8″ hole in the piping just above the pump so air lock won’t occur.

      The water comes out of this hole into the pit so you never notice it and it does not effect pump performance.

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      Thanks for the reply. I am not sure about that, I can check. Where would the weep hole be on the bottom of the pump? Also I do know that when I disconnect the rubber sleeve above the check valve, I do get air bubbles out of the pump.

      I had Roto Rooter out this morning, he thinks I have an “air gap”, and thinks my 1/2 hp pump is undersized. He thinks I should have a 1 horse pump and that will overcome the pressure that is pushing down on the check valve.

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      The weep hole should be down on the bottom by the impler.

      Your 1/2hp pump should be fine for pumping with a 10′ to 15′ with a check valve on it check the pump manual.

      I would be very concerned if someone is trying to sell me a larger pump without checking the pump charts for your pump and piping.

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