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      Alan edelstein

      I recently moved into a new house, new to me anyway, and have experienced more and more toilet problems. It started with the toilet not flushing well, requiring 2-3 flushes for solid waste. Then it began to get stopped up. It now will not flush barely at all. I have cleaned out the siphon jet tubes with muriatic acid, ran drain cleaner/clog remover down the drain, ran an auger down the toilet, removed the toilet and ran the auger down the drain. I also have tried the dumping a bucket of water down the toilet trick, and at first it worked great, but now it only flushes it partially, and then the toilet will slowly drain after about the first half of the water is gone, and then a few large bubbles (non smelly) come out of the toilet. Any helpful ideas?


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      Retired plbg1

      Yes your toilet sounds like it is stopped down the line have a sewer co. come and cable it out , and if it ocurs again have them run a camera down the line, Meanwhile make sure the 1/4″ tube in tank is in the 1″ overflow and make sure water is up to mark in the tank and take coat hanger and clean out holes in flushing rim of toilet, let me know results/

      Art retired plbg

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      I got the toilet flushing by plunging for about 45 min, then ran muriatic acid through it again, and then ran a coat hanger up the siphon jet tubes. Now it flushes much better, but will not flush when the shower is going and makes gurgling noises when the shower is going. I guess I will call the city tomorrow and have them run the auger. Could it also be a vent tube problem? Should I clean that as well?


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