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      The vinyl drain tube from the water pump that collects condensation from my furnace, humidifier and air conditioning runs across the ceiling of my unfinished basement and down into a lavatory. I replaced the old concrete double basin lavatory with a new single basin lavatory. The old lavatory sat nearly against the wall. The new lavatory sits about six inches from the wall. The drain tube had been strapped to the water lines against the back wall and drained into one of the basins of the old double basin lavatory. Currently, the drain tube has to be pulled away from the wall at a certain point and hang loosely into the new single basin lavatory. When I want to soak anything in the basin very long, such as overnight, I have to move the drain tube out of the lavatory to drain into a bucket so that the drain-off won’t overfill the lavatory. I’d like to patch the drain tube into either a 1 ½ inch copper drain line that comes down from the upper floors, or into the 1 ½ PVC drain from the new lavatory. How might I do this? The drain tube is ½” OD and 3/8” ID. One suggestion is to use a tailpipe with a dishwasher drain connector. My concern is that inside the tailpipe there’s a cover over the hole for the dishwasher drain that blocks off half the tailpipe inside. Since my washing machine also drains into the lavatory, I’m concerned that the wash water or soap foam from a full wash load might overflow the lavatory because the drain flow would be essentially cut in half by the flap inside the tailpipe over the dishwasher drain piece.


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      They do make the branch tailpiece with no restrictions in it and this is the way I would do it.

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      Dave T

      Thanks, Plumbill. I’ll look for the tailpipe you describe.


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      I saw your question also on another web site and the suggestions that the other plumbers offered were very good.

      However; keep in mind you don’t have to worry about air-gapping becuase; the units going into the tailpiece are not connected to the potable water and for what is going in thre is a bit of over kill with the extra piping, work and connections.

      I was just at a code connferece yesterday and they addressed tihs very subject with a complete drawing, if you want more information e-mail me with a fax number and I will be glad to send it to you.

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      Dave T

      Great, Plumbill. I sent you an email with my FAX number. Thanks.


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