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      The main line from my house to the street over the years has now reversed itself. The drop now goes from street to house instead of house to street. I know this is a major problem. For the past 8 years we have had it cleaned about once a year and this has kept things going. At the end of November we had it cleaned andmas night it backed up so tey came out the following day and now within a week from that its backed up again. It will slowly drop back down but you cannot do laundry or run water for any extended time as for laundry or shower. The plumber who cleaned it said I might be able to put in a pump, but I know that will cost a good bit and also it will require money and such still every year. I would like to see about fixing this for good. The line is terra cotta and inside I believe its iron. I ran a piece of sch40 from my house where a line was broken and fernco’d it to the terra cotta 2 years ago. Good thing a friend had an excavator. Now with my line dropping down due to subsidence, can I run a new line and be able to drop it correctly to the street? I would like to do what I can on my own as I dont have the money for a plumber to do it all. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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      It might be a good idea to run a camera through the line and see what happened, after that and you dont find anything then dig it up and put a good rock bed in and install new pipe. let me know what goes on.

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