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      I live in Australia, and we have an Imperial Brand toilet that is around 3 years old with a dual flush system. The half flush has suddenly stopped working – it only keeps the valve open while you have the button pushed, whereas it used to hold the valve for a short period, then close it so the toilet could refill.

      (Note – I am not a plumber as you can probably tell, so apologies if I sound dumb)

      I have taken the top of the cistern off, and there is a cantilever type mechanism that causes the push to pull the valve at the bottom of the toilet up. I can’t work out how this is supposed to be held up.

      The full flush works fine.

      would appreciate any advice as to how I might fix this.
      Thanks in advance!

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      Retired plbg1

      Never saw one before. I do my half flush by holding down triplever a certain way and it works.

      Art retired plbg

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