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      Dustin Morris

      Moving some pipes in bathroom reno. Concrete slab construction.

      Wondering if you can install toilet to a line which already has an strap (or ptrap, i dont know yet). Also how far in the slab are the traps normally? as I think you are going to tell me I need to remove the strap in the line which will involve digging up the slab.

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      Retired plbg1

      No the toilet already has a trap built in, and if you set the toilet it will get air bound and not drain, break up floor and take out trap and put in piece of pipe in and cement floor and set toilet. Let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Art. The poster has an email address with au in it – suggesting he or she may come from where the water runs up hill. Regulations are different here in an effort to get the waste water to run uphill.
      You should engage a licensed plumber on this job. do you know if the extra fixture units will change the vent size? also you say that the pipe already has a trap on the line – is it a floor gully or a overflow relief gully? or is the drain draining through a ORG. Connecting a Pan through a trapped line will cause you horrendouse problems.
      Is the system sewered or Septic? is the system two pipe system or one pipe?has the line enough fall?
      any of the systems if tampered with will attract fines if you are caught.
      Regards & merrymas – Bob

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