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      We moved into a new house a month ago. Today we had sewage in our crawlspace due to backup. It was the city’s problem and the broken pipe in the crawl space is repaired. The problem now is the sewage in the crawlspace. The entire house up and down stairs smells horrible. There isn’t enough to use a sump pump to get it out. How can we get the aweful smell out???

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      Dont you have a 1 Yr. Warranty on the house, what kind of people would sell you a new house with a broken sewer pipe in it. Powered lime might help. Go to local Plumbing supply house and ask them. Did you get on internet and try to find out what material you can use. Let me know.

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      If the repair has been made and there are no more leaks, you can just use a good amount of lime and baking soda to get rid of the smell if a thorough manual cleaning cannot be performed.

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