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      I have a 2yr old 50 gal water heater which suddenly refuses to flow any water out of the hot side at all. I removed the outlet flex pipe at the heater and turned the cold supply back on and nothing flows out. This heater did not give any indication of becoming clogged, slow flow, particles, etc. this happened once before and I fixed it by opening the relief valve a couple of times, but now nothing. I’m stumped, any ideas?

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      Either the outlet from the heater is plugged, try sticking something in there to clear it, or the cold water inlet valve is not working.
      You said all of a sudden, had you turned the valve off for any reason? Does the T&P still work? If yes then the problem is on the outlet side, if no then the problem is on the inlet side. Good Luck.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      Got it! There’s a check valve in the outlet nipple that has a glass ball and seat thats supossed to insulate the heat in the tank from transfering to the house pipe when the waters not flowing. This valve stuck in the closed position. I removed the valve and put a straight pipe in it’s place. I don’t see how the glass ball prevents heat transfer anyway as it gets just has hot as the water!

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      Bingo, Good call , Pecos.
      The Local Plumber

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      It prevents the water from rising into the pipe. There is also one on the other pipe to the heater.

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