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      Dan Sims

      does anyone know where to get info on toilets with grinder pumps attached? I have a myers grinder pump in my yard and I just had the pump replaced at $3500. and the alarm still goes off. I hit the reset to overload and pump it by hand then put it back into auto and it seems to work. The plumber doesn’t know why. I was wondering if I had a toilet with a grinder pump installed in the house I could possibly bypass the one outside. First of all is it possible to install one of these toilets where a regular toilet already is? Can the outside Myers grinder pump be bypassed? I am just so fed up with it. At least if the inside toilet fails I can still run water for everthing else including wash,showers and sinks. In time I would add a second toilet with the attached pump.

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      DUNBAR is a good start to what you are looking for.

      They do make macerating toilets but there seems to be a bigger issue at hand with what is going on at your home with the pump overheating. There is more than just that toilet that the pump serves; if you have a garbage disposal this is another contribution to the system.

      We need more info in regards to the setup of your pump. Like is your trunk line too low for the city main line, the reason for a pump?

      E-ONE systems are a really good pump system that has a proven reliability record with a internal pressure switch instead of a float. The pump you have now might not have the load capacity to handle what the pump has to serve on an ongoing 24 hour period.

      E-ONE pumps are around $1800 to $2600 installed. Comes with audible/visual alarm and sealed pit. Comes with locking riser with cap.

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      Hi Thanks for your reply we do not have a garbage disposal. We only have 1 bath and this just started in June. We had the myers pump (WGL20-21) and pit installed in 97 when our home was built because we are 300 feet from the sewer line. It is the system with the green manhole cover and audible alarm in the control box. its about 12 foot deep. The alarm only went off once since Jan 98. Now it seems to go off every 2 weeks. Most plumbers did not even want to deal with it. I called Myers after we had the pump replaced and they recommed to replace the starter relay,start and run capacitors. Do you think the pump is overheating? When they replaced the pump the also replaced the 3 floats. Do you think maybe the line needs to be snaked? I also noticed before that when the original pump ran it was ALWAYS between 30-35 seconds now the pump runs any where from 50 seconds to 2 minutes. Could the line need to be snaked? Sorry about all of the questions but I am getting so pissed off I really don’t know what to do.
      I keep thinking did we change anything? The only thing was we had a new water heater installed in June.

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like running like that might have to do with the float adjustment, try adjusting the floats different.

      Art retired plbg

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      Can you tell me what the life of a grinder pump is. It doesn’t seems like 8 years is very much. I mean it cost me 3500 for a new pump and float switches. I hope this is not every 8 years. I did have the plumber adjust the float switches and it more like 40-50 seconds now. Also when I was reading the pump manual it said to have the water level no lower than the top of the pump. When the plumber came last week I had him open the cover to check the floats. When the pump was finished pumping out half of the pump was above water. Maybe the pump was overheating. It seems like it only went off on really hot days 95+.

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