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      When I moved in to my single storey townhouse 4 years ago there was a terrible smell in the bathroom that would lessen with regular bathtub usage. Not sure if this is related to the most recent problem. The drain in the middle of the bathroom has the shower, basin and bath all draining into it. When the shower is running, the basin bubbles and won’t drain at all until the shower stops. Recently using the shower on its own is enough to flood the floor out of the centre drain. I have tried drain clearing chemicals and poking an ‘electricians tongue’ down the centre drain. Someone told me to check the outside vent. There is nothing on the roof or outside the bathroom. I obtained plans from council which showed a “typical” sewage and drainage layout for my style of townhouse. The problem I have is the previous residents have built retainer walls and gardens out the back and finding the vent is well, needle in a stack! Is there a way of fixing this problem without finding the vent/inspection plate??
      Please help – my wife is not enjoying a flood with every shower!!

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      micknkt. Where in Qld?

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      Why is that?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Try Slade Plumbing Ph 0417 787 284 I believe that he has the equipment to clear & find the problem.
      Regards Bob Morton.

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      Any idea as to what the prob could be?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      micknkt. I would only be guessing as much as you.
      You need to firstly clear the blockage & then find the cause. It could very well be that when the previous residents put in the retaining walls they have or their contractor may have damaged the drainage.
      These pipes are your asset & if not maintained they will fail & hence your investment devaluated.
      If you had a blockage in your bowell do you believe that you would put up with the pain & inconvenience or would you see a Doctor?
      The small amount expended to ascertain if you have a major problem will be well spent, so call the experts & dont attempt it yourself.
      Regards Bob

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      Retired plbg1

      Since I can not see it sounds like the pipe is under sized and has no vents on it I dont know how you vent but with an S trap like you say ther is no vent there, Sounds like they run a pipe through roof are somewhere and drain every thing into that like a Solvent Vent sytem.

      Art retired plbg

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Art. In Australia we use a “single pipe system” The waste from a basin or shr may discharge thru a floor waste which is trapped, from there the drain “normally” is 4″ The drain from the floor waste to a Gully can only be a max of 10metres or 33ft to another Gully or a Vented Drain. ALL work is inspected at the time of installation & MUST be done by a Licensed Plumber Drainer.
      This installation I believe, must have worked for several years before the present person has moved in 4 years ago. The blockage is apparently a recent phenomanon although the smell has been apparent since the owner moved in 4 years ago.
      VENTING will not be a problem unless there is a blockage between the vented line & the floor waste & the blockage will have to be cleared to fix the problem thereby fixing the vent problem if one exists.
      If the previous owner has damaged the drg, then roots may have penetrated the PVC (PVC has been used as a drainage material since the 70’s).
      Clear the blockage & then find the cause – fix the cause & you will have no more problems.
      The smell is caused by fungus or crap growing on the inside of the waste pipes which are vented thru the floor waste. have them jetted & they will not smell.
      JOB DONE.

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