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      Ben Wade

      I am converting an existing garage into a family room and mud room/laundry to accomodate our family of 12.

      the wall where the washing machine(s) will go will be new construction. I am working out the plans now and need some help. I live in a very rural area and there is not any permits required but want to do it right. I also plan on dumping this grey water into a walking flower garden to take the load off the septic system. These will be the only two item on the drain.

      Plan is as follows.

      1. 2″ drains 18″ from line with p traps
      2. both drains tied together.
      3. Drain lines will drop into 4 slotted pipe approximatly 15 feet from washing machines.
      4. Tie both drains into 1 2″ vent to roof.

      Thoughts, recomendations, should I run two seperate lines and dump them seperatly into the 4″ pipe?

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      Retired plbg1

      I would run 1- 2″ line seperate for each Washer and connect them to the 4″ You can ty 2″ vents together and run them through roof. Make sure you have good fall on 4″ pipe. Let me know if you need any help.

      Art retired plbg

Viewing 1 reply thread
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