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      Doug Roberts

      About three days ago, I noticed the bathtub was draining slower and slower, so I decided not to wait until things reached a crisis

      Yesterday morning when I was draining the bathtub, this black nasty looking stuff came out of the drain hole into the bath water, while I was washing my hands in the sink. The sink and the tub share a common drain and the block is somewhere after those two drains join up. And it is an awesome blockage,

      I have poured the following down the bathtub and sink drains:
      2 bottles of Liquid Plum’r Foaming drain unblocker
      2 jugs of Drano Professional Strength Gel
      1/2 large jug of Liquid Plum’r Professional Strength Gel

      I have used a plunger on this drain until my back aches. Nothing is budging the blockage. At this point I am seriously considering getting a hotel room just to bathe.

      The only aspect of this that is not completely messed up is the toilet isn’t affected, because it’s on a separate drain.

      Please HELP! I live on a 4th flr walkup in Manhattan, am currently on crutches, and can’t grapple with the prospect of not being able to use my bathroom. I alerted the mgmt company about this, but so far, they haven’t done a thing…

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      With a blockage like that you’re only option really is to snake the line. If your bath tub has an overflow plate you can usually unscrew this and send a small diameter snake cable down that and into the p trap and drain.

      Since you are on crutches I would’nt suggest trying to rent a snake machine and trying on your own, call a sewer and drain company and most likely for just an hour’s charge they can clear it for you with a cable machine.

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      Also, if you cannot afford a drain guy right now then you’re other option would be to try some “Mule Kick”. It’s sulphuric acid, and is sold at alot of plumbing supply houses. If you go this route read all the warnings and directions on the label and BE CAREFUL, the stuff is very strong and will cause serious burns if mis-handled.

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      Retired plbg1

      If you are on 4th. Fl. I would be carefull because if pipe breaks all the acid and stuff will go down to 3. I heard of on this site where using stuff like that on tub overflow got hot enough to get PVC overflow tee out of shape, it was said on this site bya person who had tub problems.

      Art retired plbg

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      Thanks for the response guys – the plumber finally came today, used a ‘snake’ and cleared a huge pile-up of hair – that seems to have solved the problem!!! Thanks again for your input(s)!

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