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      Dougie Jarvis

      Is there any way to prevent Laundry floor drain from overflowing with suds. Everytime I use the washing machine and it goes through drain cycle a get a small volcano of suds coming up from floor drain. Even with small amounts of wasing powder.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Your plumber should know that tubs should not drain to a floor waste, however you can get a suds plug from either REECE or Tradelink to aleviate the problem.

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      Retired plbg1

      Try using a soap that does not suds up like that, try Arm& Hammer does not suds much.

      Art retired plbg

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      Sounds like your wash machine drain line is partially plugged up and since the flooe drain is the lowest point in the line it backs up that.

      If you don’t have a snake or are’nt experienced in using one if you rent a unit, I’d suggest just calling a sewer and drain company out to snake your wash mach. line. It should clear the problem.

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      Just to add to my previous post…

      Washing machines dump the largest amount of water flow at one time down a drain than anything else in a common house. Therefor, many times you can have no other problems whatsoever (sinks drain fine, toilets flush because they are not tied into that line but rather sweep into the main itself) but when you dump the washer it backs up in the floor drain. Very common. Snaking the washing machine line will clear it….one exception to this is if you have an older house, plumbed with say copper or galvanized lines….and you install a new “high capacity” washer. Sometimes these older lines don’t have the capacity to take the load the machine pumps into it. However, if you have always had the same basic kind of washer, and this problem is relatively recent, then a snaking it is.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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