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      I am adding an addition to my house, and I was recently digging several 2′ 2′ coulumn footings. In the corner of one of these footings I located my sewer pipe. I was not suprised to find the pipe however I was suprised to find that it was cracked. The crack (approx 2″ perpindicular) is old because there are roots growing on the crack. My question is how do I repair this section of pipe. It is approx 3′ underground, I have no problem excavating and repairing this myself but I don’t know how to repair it. Should cut the broken section and use the rubber couplers or do I need to do something else. Obviousley with the pipe being burried it limmits my repair possibilities. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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      I would have it cabled out and try to find out where roots are comming from. Did it up longer then you need and cut out a big piece and offset out of way of pier, either use same kind of pipe are PVC an make sure you get misson coupling for the proper pipe also i would put in CO tee in line in case yor roots come back also have a camera run through line before you start to see what shpe pipe is.

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      You didn’t mention what your sewer pipe was made of. Cast iron, clay, Orangeburg, PE, other plastic? Could even be wood, depending on how old it is…

      I’d guess you’ve got CI or clay… The simple answer is you’ve got to fully expose and cleanly cut out the broken segment of pipe without cracking it and then you need to splice in the repair piece. Depending on the original pipe and splice pipe, you could use Mission, Fernco, or no-hub couplings. If the splice space is large enough, I agree with RP that a cleanout, ideally a kelly fitting, should be installed at the splice.


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      Soory guys the pipe is ABS and just to let you know I don’t really have a drainage problem and the roots that I saw around the pipe were very small (not to say that it could’nt be a jungle inside the pipe).

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      Do NOT use a no-hub coupling underground, unless you want to be digging it up again soon.

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