how to attatch studor vent to s-trap?

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      i need to vent a s-trap. how do i attatch a studor vent to this?

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      Studar vents are no good after awhile they start letting sewer gas in the house. best thing is to run pipe up through roof and use a P-trap If you insist to use it and smell sewer gas then buy a vented s trap and connect it to vent op, I warned you do it at your own risk, happy smells.

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      Though approved by many codes, studor vents are, as stated previously, not the best way to vent a fixture. However, unless someone is ready to start tearing into walls in order to install a proper vent, a studor vent may be the only option. One thing to keep in mind is that while studor vents (AAVs) may be code approved, a proper vent is supposed to be installed somewhere on the system.

      Now, on to the S trap…….

      You’re going to need to rework the piping for the drain and in essence eliminate the S trap. You’ll need to bring a riser up through the floor, top that with a tee, put the AAV on the top of the tee then install a P trap. This may sound like a “bit of work”, but its alot less than tearing open your wall, repiping the drain, running a vent up through the attic and out the roof.

      Good luck!

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      I am from the old school I believe in doing it right, either way you do it after awhile the studor vent does not close all the way and you start smell sewer gas then go out and buy another one the box stores like that.

      Art retired plbg

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      Mechanical vents will sooner or later fail for one reason or another. Only a non-mechanical vent can be trusted to perform indefinitely. Reason behind Studor’s not being code in many municipalities. Uniform plumbing code dictates all vents must terminate out through the roof. But in a mobile home or other type of dwelling where non-mechanical venting is near impossible, then I suppose one could take thier chances.

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      Studor vents were approved here in Ohio about 2-3 years ago under the International Plumbing Code. Why approval came is beyond me as they can and will fail over time. If you’re going to install one, be sure to keep it accessible for future replacement.

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      I agree with Cincinnati. Studor vents do work, but they can fail. If you use them, make sure that they are accessible and replaceable.

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