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      I have been informed that I could remove the stack soil pipe going to the roof and replace it with an air vent but I do not know the name of the vent required and how high above the toilet waste pipe it should sit. Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Although I am a doctor and know alot about male and female plumbing I have little experience of domestic plumbing. Thank you

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      They call that a Studor vent. Let me tell you they are no good, after awhile they stick and let sewer gas in the house, why do you want to change the pipe, let me know. Some cities do not lwt you use them.

      Art retired plbg

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      You were given incomplete information. While studor vents/air admittance valves are allowed by many codes, they do not nor should they replace a main vent. According to code here, AAVs can be used on a fixture, BUT the plumbing system must STILL be vented at some point to the open atmosphere by means of a main vent.

      I also agree that AAVs aren’t the best choice in most circumstances. They DO fail as nothing lasts forever. If your vent stack or stack vent is failing, replacing it is the correct way to remedy the problem.

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      What are you attempting to do by replacing the soil vent pipe? Eliminate odors?

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