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      donald bassetti


      I am having room extension to house involving a slab concrete floor and steel reinforced perimeter footings.

      PVC drainage pipes were run through the concrete footings with no spacing or flexible sleeving around pipes to allow for footing movement.

      Will I have a problem later with cracking PVC drain piping?? Should I be demanding that my builder rectify this???

      It would be a major job to cut down into the steel reinforced footings..


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      Retired plbg1

      You should have sleeves installed around pipe, you can get gal. flue pipe that opens up and put that around the pipe and when coc. is poured you have a sleeve.

      4″ pipe 5″ or 6″ sleeve
      3″ pipe 4″ or 5″ sleeve
      2″ pipe 3″ or 4″ sleeve
      If you dont sleeve it cant expan and will break some where.

      Art retired plbg

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      Thanks again Art….



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