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      Donald Booth

      A bad smell is coming from the drain in my bathroom floor. It has a trap (I can see the water). The bathroom basin drain enters the floor drain above the water level in the trap. I can temporarily stop the smell by pouring bleach down the basin drain, but after a while it returns. Any suggestion on how I can permanently stop the smell would be appreciated.
      Thank you

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      Take the grate off the top of the floor waste (unscrew it) and clean out stagnant water and what ever else is trapped in the gully. To the bottom of the gully should not be any deeper than 60cm or thereabouts,this should solve your problem.

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      Retired plbg1

      That drain connected above the floor drain is not up to code, you should be connected beyond the trap and run a vent through the roof. That is a indirect drain and most probably the smell is comming from pipe drainning wash basin, get the bain installed right and your trouble will be gone. Try using Bio Clean that will kill smell. IF you want drawing on how to connect up drain send me your E- mail add.

      Art retired plbg

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      Query to Retired Plumber: What code are you referring to.?? Here in NSW Australia apart from connecting the hand basin to the topside of the gully (floorwaste)you can also connect the shower.(see Australian Standard 3500.) We do not suffer from bad smells from these connections here in NSW other than sometimes when something is trapped in the gully and it becomes stagnant.

      PS I am a licensed Drainer and Building Contractor.

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      Thank you for your replies
      Then presumably it is OK for the drain connection from the basin to enter the waste above the water level in the trap? I thought the fact that this entry drain is above the water level could be the cause of the smell.

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      Retired plbg1

      I think the smell is in the pipe from basin, that is poor Plumbing I think at least they could put pipe into the water level. Someday they will get modern Plumbing.

      Art retired plbg

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