How do I add a “Y” to an old cast iron vent pipe??

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      I’m adding in a bathroom upstairs in my home and will attempt to drain everything into a 3″ pvc pipe which needs to connect to the CAST IRON ventpipe… I have a pvc “Y” and 2 collars to tie it in…but how do I cut the cast iron pipe evenly??? HELP>>>> CF

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      I use the ratchet type cast iron soil cutters. These can be rented at most rental yards. Be careful when cutting cast iron though. Its extremely heavy and could fall destroying fittings and/or your personal well being. I always anchor cast iron above my highest cut using sammy anchors, all thread rod and a riser clamp (or 3/8″ drop in anchors if its running up a concrete wall). There are carbide blades made for recipricating saws for cast iron. However, I can generally make 4 or 5 “snaps” with the cast iron soil cutters before I can make one cut with the saw.

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      I guess by colars you mean No hub bands. You have to put about a 6″ piece in each end of y and when you make cut allow for space between cuts for bands.

      Art retired plbg

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