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      again! How can I clear it – plunger not helping – how about Liquid-Plumr gel clog remover? In future, should I have a plummer install new type of “toilet”?

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      I would use a closet auger to remove the clog.

      They are under $10 for the most part. Most times this will clear the clog, but they make a telescoping auger that can reach 6 feet, which is more expensive. It does keep from pulling the toilet.

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      Chemicals never help really moving a clog at least in the big pipe of a toilet. And blindly using a auger or spiral or even waste money for such tools – well, I say, find out the reason for the clog:

      remove the water first complety out of toilet – it meight be more comfortable by using a muli-wet-dry-vacuumer…

      after that take a deep breath and let´s go: remove the the complete toilet.

      if the clog is inside the toilet, it´s easy to remove it that way. if you find strong crustating inside the toilet-drain, remove it with a long screwdriver or something.

      if the clog is out of handreach inside the pipe down the wall or even under your front- or backyard (maybe roots, too), take a look if there´s a pit-head on your real-estate to take a look inside the ground-pipe. many times the clog sit in this pit.

      Otherwise,well – you may need professional augers or, how we say, spiral, powered with an electrican engine (take a look behind the PlumberTool-link to see what tools I mean). the tools you may get from a do-it-yourself-market may not worth that money you pay for…

      but – real drainer-tools are such expensive that you may better call a professional drain-service. if drain-service or good tools are not reachable – some pvc-pipe is not expensive…

      if I can help with details, write me. something about me… last page even in english

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      I’m with Dunbar. Get an inexpensive closet auger and try to clear it with that. It is doubtful that you have a mainline clog if all thats backing up is the toilet itself. If you have an older lowflow toilet, you might want to consider a newer one as the flush on most models has improved tremendously in recent years.

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      With all this advice did you get toilet unstopped, lets us know because we dont know if our info helped you are not, so many people never reply back if they got work done with our advice,

      Art retired plbg

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      thanksx guys for this helpful tips…..the non-plumber in me has unclogged the toliet. we had a party at the house and some kids thought it’d be funny to stuff bunch of pizzas down the toliet, needless, to say they flood my bathroom. the auger help ALOT!!! it was weird to use at first but everything turns out great!!! that flushing sound is like the sound of music!!!

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