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      Hi, I have an old shower in my house and sometimes it drains slowly and then sometimes it drains just fine. Sometimes it starts draining slowly or not at all then all of a sudden it drains great in a matter of minutes. I thought it might have to do with the weather or if the washer was draining at the same time and noticed that it seemed to drain slowly when it was raining? But this cold winter (in N. VA) it is not draining well at all. I pored Drano in it- I’m pretty sure it is not organic matter (hair) that is clogging it and I left the drano in there for 2 days, I know that is wrong now. And it did not work. Now I look in the drain and there is this big white chalky foam looking growth on the side of the drain as far as I can see, just on one side of it. Is this a result of my drano misuse? Or is this some weird deposit from too much shampoo or polluted water? What is it and what can I do?

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      Sounds like you might be connected to combination sewer, San. & Storm. You could have a partial stoppage and when you use to much water it backs up. Try this Bio Clean and see if it clears pipe, you can also try vinegar, clorox are bacon soda. You might have a cable run through pipe by a Plumber.

      Art retired plbg

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