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      Sorry for the new topic. I registered and tried to reply to last one but it woulnt let me.

      Still wont work. I sprayed it with WD-40 and dropped it in. Still gets stuck. Goes almost all the way down. I can screw the switch plate back in but i cant flip the switch to let it fall down a little more to stop the drain. Needs to drop down a few more inches. Doesnt look like the linkage is getting hung up on anything because when the stopper stops, there is slack on the linkage and I can wiggle it around a bit in the overflow tube. I couldnt find a diagram of the drain assembly but I assume it is a “T” shaped assembly with the stopper blocking the drain part when it drops down.
      HELP!!! lol

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      I sent you a web site with diagram of waste and overflow. If that is the same handle and linkage you took out then it should be the rigt size. Sounds like there is something in overflow stopping you from putting inlinkage. Maybe the overflow came loose and seoerated. Can you take a light and mirrow and look down. When you put in stopper does it seat it self.

      Art retired plbg

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      Just thought if trap froze maybe it got pipe by tee out around, sounds like it. Can you get down below to take tee apart, if not you will have to break into wall, you can get a stopper that fits in the strainer in tub, go loo at then at box store it will be better then trying to fix that, check them out, also a rubber stopper.

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      hey. Sorry it took me so long to reply but it wouldnt let me reply until I finally figured out that I had to register for this seperately.

      Well, thanks for the advice. Nothing worked though, So I cut a hole in the closet to get access to the drain. (When in doubt, cut it out!!!! lol) I removed the drain and overflow tube and found that the PVC was slightly bent which prevented the stopper from dropping down all the way. I think this was probably caused from the chemicals i put down the drain, heating the pipe and warping it. I replaced the while thing with new brass pipes and it works great now.

      PLBG thanks for your timely help. Although it didnt help me this time, I will definately post again if I have any questions. I am sure you will save my butt. lol

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      Retired plbg1

      I thought I helped you a lot. When you put that drano in tub it got hot and melted the plastic over flow out of shape.

      Art retired plbg

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