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      I am getting strong smells from both my bathroom sink drain and the access panel below it. We had some work done on it about a year ago (new bathroom). It smells like a mold with an edge to it. It’s hard describe a smell, but it does smell moldy. Can I pour clorox down the drain? Let me know what you recommend.

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      It could be a few things: improper or blocked venting with loss of the trap seal; something partially obstructing the drain and rotting in the trap or further down the pipe; or leaky pipes causing fungus and mold to grow behind the wall. From what you say, I’d suggest opening the access and looking at the pipes and studs in the wall. Take the trap apart and clean it and snake out the drain.


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      Also the overflow on fixxture has a smell some time, I take something like limeaway and dump in mine when it smells.

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      Yipes, RP has a good point. I forgot about the overflow. Sometimes crud gets built up in there. You can see if the overflow is working by closing the sink drain and filling the sink. The overflow should allow the water to drain freely. If it’s clogged, you’ll need to remove the sink drain flange and clear out the obstruction.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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