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      I have a perimeter drain installed in the floor of my basement. The water level can get within an inch or so of the top of the floor in worst case flood/water table scenarios. When that happens my sump has to run almost no stop to keep the sump pit emptied. However, if I just try to keep the water pumped out of the between 2-8 inches below the floor it only runs every 20-30 minutes (because the water at that level comes in at a much slower rate.) That leaves the actual 4″drain tile under water all the time. Is there a problem with doing that? That condition would only last for a few days in even the worst conditions until the water level goes back below the drain tile level. ?????? Help.

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      Retired plbg1

      Its not going to hurt the pipe, but it sounds like your pit is small for the anount of water you have comming in are the pump is too big, where does all that water come from.

      Art retired plbg

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      I have to echo ART…Why do you have so much water coming in? Is there a spring under your house or does it lie in the path of a subterranean stream? I’d suggest calling in an engineer to have a look. Sump pits and pumps are of course useful and lots of homes have them, but the best plan is to keep water outside the foundation and slab if at all possible. Perimeter drains usually are located OUTSIDE the foundation, along with property grading, downspout layout, and waterproofing the OUTSIDE foundation walls, are designed to keep water OUT of the basement. The sump pump is really a last line of defense against any water that manages to overwhelm the other more strategic defenses.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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