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      This is a cast iron system under a slab foundation.
      The leak is near the 1st cleanout, which is the kitchen sink area..

      I think the pipe is restricted due to 40 years of grease – I made many attempts to keep clear all have only produced minimum results or temporary relief.

      Now either the pipe has deteriorated just past the clean out under the house or the seam has deteriorated and with the slow drain it’s seeping out from the slab and into the garage floor.

      How does one fix or replace the drainpipe under a slab?

      The only thing I really know about plumbing is;

      I can’t afford it!
      When working with drainage/sewer lines, never lick your fingers or bite your nails.
      Chit don’t run up hill.
      Hot water goes on the left.
      Oh and payday is on Friday.

      Any kwick fix ideas would get the wife off my back and certainly be greatly appreciated.

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      Retired plbg1

      Check with your local Plumbing co. and see if they do pipe relineing, that might save you some money, they can run a camera down pipe and see where it is broke, are do what Racefanone said. Have a Happy new Yr.

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      1) Try to have the drain snaked out by a professional; 2) if that doesn’t work and/or you have good evidence that there is a leak in the drain (as you suggest), you should have a professional sewer man dend down a video camera to inspect the drain pipe. Or, 3) if snaking doesn’t fix the problem, just go ahead and assume you need to replace the sewer line. This is a job for an expert.

      Trenchless sewer guys can replace the building sewer line fairly easily, but they still need to make the hook-up connections with the building drains, which entails digging trenches outside the foundation perimeter. If your under slab drains are faulty, you’ll need to bust through the slab and replace those segments. This is not a job for amateurs.


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      If this is the kit drain line (2″) then both ends have to be open in order to line it. I would pull a new 2″ line in with my pipe bursting system.

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      Hi Dale,

      I didn’t realize that you sewer guys could pull 2″ pipe (PE I guess). That’s great. I thought you could only pull/pull larger pipe. This would certainly give more options for underslab drain repair.


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