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      Barbara Johnson

      Why is it that the 88 degree elbows (for example) we use are marked as 88 degrees when they are clearly 92 degrees. ie. They are greater than 90 degrees. Always wondered that.

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      It is because it is for the same reason as…
      Will you loan me $10.00 but only give $5.00 then I will owe you $5.00 and you will still owe me $5.00 so that will make us square
      Have a Merrymas and a Happy New Year

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      Hey Ziggy: 88° is not the same as 92°. 88° is bent less than 90°. 92° is bent more than 90°. Ive never seen any fitting marketed as 88°, but I have seen plenty of cheap 90° that are closer to 92°

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      Retired plbg1

      If the fitting works use it, you are not that precise whrn you are running pipe, remember everything is + or – in our trade, we always make it work.

      Art retired plbg

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      I really like Art’s reply.

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