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      frank lee

      My system is only about 7yrs old, but lately I,ve been having drain problems, when I dug up the end of my leach line and uncapped it I found roots, tiny ones, massive amounts clogging up 30% of the line and all the gravel around it restricting the flow. I live in east Tx. and my yard is sand as deep as you care to dig and oak trees but not that many around the line. My question is, is there any product safe for septic systems that will kill the roots and prevent this from happening after repairs are made?

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      Retired plbg1

      They got chemicals out to kill roots but far as hurting septic tank I dont know, get a hold of septic Co. and ask them what to use are go to box store they might have something.

      Art retired plbg

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      Thank you Retired Plbg for your reply. I’ve done some looking and found a product K-77 by Roebic laboratoies Inc. that is a root treatment you flush, they also have treatments for smelly drains and sludge build-up. Just type roebic in the search engine and it gives links to several different chemical co. hope this helps some others.

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