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      Marry Smith

      Well, I took off the screw and all that came off was the strainer thing. Around the drain the porcelin is worn and the cast iron is starting to show through. I want to repair this and found the material made specifically for this job, but I need to get the drain out (unscrew it?)
      How do I do this?
      By the way, I’ll say it again, you guys are the BEST. So generous of your time and your advise. I have gotten a lot done by taking your advice. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for you all.

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      Getting the drain out of an old tub can be a pain. They make special spud and cross wrenches that can allow you to unscrew the drain, but they often don’t work when the fittings are badly corroded, as they usually are. In that case you often have to drill, cut, and chisel out the fitting. Do it carefully. You will need good exposure from below to make the job easy. Otherwise, you may need to remove the whole tub. It is usually not brain surgery, but if you are DYI challenged this may be a job better left to an expert.


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      Retired plbg1

      If you cant get drain out and it is exposed in basement then you can apply a little heat on the shoe and it might come out if not take a sawall and cut it betwen shoe and tub and remove and buy new shoe ans strainer. Go to and low up tub waste and overflow and they will show you pic. how it goes together.

      Art retired plbg

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      A couple of quick tricks:

      -If the lock nut is accessable, and is made of pot metal. hit it with a HOT torch, then stab the melted area with a scew driver. the ring will fall off.

      -cut the threaded inner area of the rim of the drain. 2 cuts on oposite sides. only cut into the male threads. If you cut into the female threades you might end up having to replace the tub shoe too! use 2 flat head screw drivers(in an “X”) to unscrew the rim.

      -Spray PB fabulous blaster onto the threads. Bang on the inside of the rim with a chisl(don’t go crazy!)
      wait 5 minites. repeat “spray an bang”. use the above method if it didn’t work befor. Feel the chi, zen master!

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