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      We need to know where we can purchase a twin flush valve for an up flush toilet model U-P with automatic twin flush valve. This was purchased 6-3-85 from McPherson,Inc, in Tampa, FL, when we called the phone number it is no longer in service. Is there by any chance some place in MT that we can purchase this or eastern WA?

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      McPherson went out of business
      shortly after the 1.6 gpf became
      a requirement. I’ve searched for
      two years trying to find parts for
      my twin flush valve with no success. I have a twin flush valve
      you can have. It has a slight leak
      in one of the internal diaphragms
      and allows additional water to
      leak into the bowl, about 1 gal.
      in 24 hrs. Way short of overflowing. That problem can be
      avoided by putting a shutoff valve
      on the water supply line, either
      a quarter turn 1/2″ ball valve or
      a full flow solenoid valve. I used
      a solenoid valve, 12vac with a
      timer relay set at 10 min. and put
      the switch right next to the twin
      flush valve actuator.
      I have since gone with a Myer’s
      Sewage Pumping package with an
      American Std. 1.6 gpf toilet and
      I am very satisfied.

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