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      Marry Smith

      We just finished building a replacement PVC (Sch 40) sewer system under the house (5′ crawl space). Old clay tile system was failing and we were constantly making repairs. Clay tiles were just under the ground–PVC is just on top of the ground. We are not hooked up yet. We can hook to the two main drains under the toilets–we did a dry run on that, but we need to know how to hook into the outside. We dug down-outside- and found the clay tile where it exits the house. Can we just push a ten foot section of 4″ PVC through the inside of the clay pipes that exit the house, connect it to the inside PVC and call it a day? Our PVC would then run through the clay pipes about 8 feet out where the waste would then continue through the clay pipes to the city sewers. Our slope is good-or will be good. The PVC pipe fits through the clay pipes and this would be a piece of cake.
      Also how you you disconnect the clay at the house and not be overcome with sewer gas or fumes–or is this not a problem?
      I have a whole new respect for plumbers after this job!

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      Retired plbg1

      The proper way to do that is to cut off hub and buy a Fernco coupling that goes from clay pipe to PVC pipe. If you shove pvc pipe in clay pipe you will have new sewer, if you go that way you might as well go into clay pipe as far as you can, but I would go with fernco, but you decide. Look on this web site and to the left are places to see pipe couplings. You want clay pipe to Pvc and they will show you the fitting. You can get them at Plumbing supplyhouse or box store.

      Art retired plbg

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      Thanks. They moved on it this morning. We were all set ot connect and it went very smoothly. Decided to insert the PVC into the clay tile because they were afraid of breaking the water line if they dug any more since it ran along the cray pipes. We took the PVC 12 feet into the clay tiles. Cemented the gap that remained betwen the PVC and the Clay. Hope this was OK. Just tested before we bury the line. Flowing very nicely! Thank you for your help.
      I’ll be back–next year we need to rerout the gutters undergroud. Presently old clay tiles-want to go to PVC. We’re in Cleveland OH area–how far down do we have to put the PVC? 2 feet? 3 feet? Lana

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      Retired plbg1

      The depth will govern where you want to drain it, 24″ should be okay. Need any help get me at

      Art retired plbg

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      You can certainly insert your plastic pipe into the clay pipe if you want and if it fits, but I wouldn’t do that for three reasons. First, this would not technically be a watertight connection, and I’m pretty sure it would fail the water test, and more certainly fail an air test if you do that. It may work practically, but that is not a reason to do it that way. Second, clay pipe is notoriously fragile, and you might crack it by ramming a plastic pipe into it. Third, you will end up with a sharp lip where the plastic pipe terminates inside the clay pipe. This might not be a problem if the slope is good, but it could present a problem otherwise, leading to solid waste getting hung up at the joint. These best solution, as Art said, is to run the plastic pipe as far as you can and connect to the clay with a rubber Fernco adpater. And when you cut into the clay, you’ve got to do it right and make sure you get a good square cut.


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