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      I just bought a remodeled house with a septic system. There were no problems found at the inspection but although the shower drains ok, I’ve noticed the water in the tub has a soil like sediment and the tub drains very slowly, and now when I take a shower the water in the toilet starts bubbling and I can hear it gurgling in the sink also.Is this a sign of a problem? We’ve found so many other nasty ‘surprises’ with the A.C. etc. that I’m reluctant to point this one out to my husband unless it’s serious. Does anyone know what may be happening?

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      It sounds like the sewer is partly stopped or the septic tank is full. Its a hard one to tell you what to do first, but maybe have sewer line cabled out and if that don’t work have septic tank checked. Does it back up when toilet is flushed, if not it culd be the line where tub and shower connect, a Plumber could figure it out, its hard to tell you without being there, good luck let me know what happens.

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      We had the septic tank checked and its in very good condition,we’re told…I think it must be in the tub line somewhere…the soil like deposits in the tub water worry me in case it could be roots in the pipes and real soil in the water…is that possible? I guess I’ll have to pick my moment and bring up the subject with my already overwhelmed husband…I’ll let you know what the plumber says and thanks for the reply.

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