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      I am building a laundry room adjacent to an existing bathroom. Gas, water, and electric are no problem but the main stack does not have an easy access point in the 14″ area between the floor and ceiling. There is already a toilet branch and another branch that leads to my neighbors wash (its a condo with a shared stack) My question is, can I connect my washing machine pipe to the 1 1/2″ Copper drain pipe of my bathtub with a wye-branch. I’m not concerned with whether or not it’s to code but I’m wondering if I run the risk of backup while taking a shower and doing wash at the same time.

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      It is not up to code. You need a 2″ or larger pipe for washmachine drain. The 1-1/2″ will backup into your tub and cause an unsanitary condition, break out some wall where the big pipe is and connect there.

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      How about a wye branch in the toilet drain lateral going to the main stack? It could use an upgrade to PVC anyway. I’m guessing since the standpipe is trapped, I should be OK. Let me know what you think…
      Thanks in advance..

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      No when you flush toilet it would pull the trap of drain and alow sewer gas into the house. Connect into stack at basement fl

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