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      Geert Delanghe

      We purchased a home in the country that has an outbuilding with it’s own well and pump, as well as a gas water heater. We need to winterize the building as it is not heated and the weather will be getting cold soon. Once we turn the water supply off, and drain the water from the pipes, is there anything else we need to do to the pump for the well? Will it be okay to drain the water heater and leave it empty for the winter? How would we start these things back up in the spring? Thanks for any suggestions…

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      Retired plbg1

      When you turn off main water valve by well you will still have water in the pipe going into well, you can take top of valve apart where handle is and use a wet vac to suck it out below frost level you problaby have to tape a small hose on vac to do this, after you do that take and put some sort of plastic sheet and cover what pipe you think will freeze and put staw on that, the WH will have a little water at botom about 6″ or 8″ you can buy some liquid at box store to dump in there to keep it from freezing. When you are ready to turn water on in spring turn well on first and leave excess air out. Fill up house pipe and run water through faucet until air is out then fill up WH and flush out liquid through drain valve and fill up system and bleed out air and that should be good, dont forget toilets and traps on fixtures.

      Art retired plbg

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