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      I purchased a Flotec sump basin, but it doesn’t tell me where to drill the holes and how many. I also need to know what to use to cover the basin. I’d appreciate any help.

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      If you are mentioning holes for the sides for the drain tile, it is all relevant to where your pipes come in. That is where you drill.

      The lid should of been available where you bought the basin.

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      Make sure when you get the sunp piped up to pump water to the outside. That water cant go to sewer has to go outsde.

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      C:My DocumentsPlbg Work SitesMonticello Pump Services – Sump Pump Installation Diagram.htm
      Use this diagram if you dont know how to pipe it, you can put in valve in line if you wish.

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      E-mail me and I will send you a diagram.

      Art retired plbg

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