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      we have a bathroon on the second floor and the plumbing is abt 30 years old. thee is an oder coming from the room that is awful. we thought it was the toliet but had it off and new ring and no smell in the pipes?…but i do smell an oder in the shower drain…this is a fiberglass walk in shower also abt 30 years old but does have some new piping done on the drain due to some leaks several years ago……..the smell is sort of rank so you know Iam in need of help…….Ive tried the baking sode…vinegar and so on but still comes back…there is a black pipe on the roof but am not able to get up there although I should find someone who can….this shower is used daily…..any help is appreciated……

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      In my experience the main cause of the septic odors you describe is a failure in the waste pipe venting system. You need to ascertain that the vents are working correctly. It is significant that your bathroom is on the second floor, since septic odors there really do implicate the vents.

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      Maybe the work you had done on the drain was done in corectly and the person did not put in trap, can you see water in bottom of pipe when you shine light in it. If you have atrap there then the smell should be comming from the piece of pipe from top of shower to top of water in trap. Try some CLR and a brush and swab out pipe best you can.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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