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      I have 6″ white pvc pipe sticking out of the ground a few inches at one corner of the house where a downspout could be connected to it which isn’t. Looking down the hole it goes down about 8 feet to the foundation and makes a bend (I assume this runs down and out into the the city’s drainage system.) Since this is not being used with the current gutter configuration I was wondering if I can connect and underground drainage system into it.

      I have standing water in the back yard and was wondering if it’s a bad idea to connect black 4″ drainage pipe into this white PVC about 2′ down.

      My main concern is overloading this and/or getting silt into this existing system. I planned on wrapping the drainage pipe with landscape fabric and gravel minimize the dirt getting into it.

      Thanks, Dave.

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      If that 6″ pipe serves as your sanitary sewer system, your local plumbing codes probably don’t allow the combination of sanitary and storm sewers/ground water.

      This can cause the system to overload during heavy rains.

      Post back with your findings regarding local code.

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      That was installed to use as a CO on your sanitary sewer only, no storm water is to enter it.

      Art retired plbg

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