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        Water is on. Diswasher works, as does diverted cold filtered water.

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          You need to list more detail about your faucet. ie. Is it a single handle or two handle? What is the manufacture and how old is it?

          If it is a older two handle you might check to make sure the bottom bibb gasket didn’t fall or break off and is jammed in the closed position.

          Then try first turning off the water and remove the stem or cartridge and slowly turn the shut off valve on to see if you are getting any water through the faucet. This will tell you if your problem is in the stem or the body of the faucet itself.

          I hope this helps!

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Hey dude CLEAN THE DARN AERATOR on the faucet spout. Think about it for Petes SAKE YOU have water from the filter attachment THAT means water is flowing to the faucet and working its way through CORRECT?

            The spout has a screen thingy on it that is full of sediment END OF STORY TA DUM.
            This kind sir JUST SAVED you a service call of $85.00 PLUS tax…you can send a check to the American Cancer society in lieu of my service call
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        Viewing 2 reply threads
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