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      Please can anyone help

      I need to extend a 100mm pipe purchased from Wickes which is embeded in hardened concrete under my garage. Any attempts to break the concrete will damage the pipe. The pipe is also damaged at the end. Therefore I can only connect to the existing pipe using the inside. I want to glue another pipe inside the existing one for approx. 6 inches and then glue another piece of the 100mm Wickes pipe to it.

      I have been to the store but there is nothing available except joints which slide over my existing pipe which I can not do.

      I have measure the internal size of the pipe which is 10.2cm.

      Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      NSBC. You seem to have an English accent, so I assume that you come from an English speaking country, you also mention centimetres & millemetres, but you cannot make up your mind wether the pipe is in mm’s or cm,s.
      Is wicks an Pomme store?
      Is the pipe PVC?
      If the pipe is PVC, then you should be able to buy a “Slab Repair” coupling, alternativly a Licenced Plumber would be able to do the job.


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      The 100mm pipe diameter converts to about 4″ (more exactly 3.94″…). You didn’t specify the material of which the pipe was made (ferrous or plastic?).

      In any case, there are many possible ways to connect to this pipe, depending upon what kind of pipe you wish to insert.

      In general, the best way to make the connection is to use hubless connections (e.g. Fernco, Mission, etc).

      You opine that you should somehow insert your connecting pipe INTO the existing pipe. I would counsel against this, and it would lead to a joint with a diminished inside diameter downstream in the drain pipe, which is not allowed. That leaves using the aforementioned couplers that allow for a smooth undiminished drainage joint. Despite your belief that such a joint is not possible, it usually is.


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      Retired plbg1

      Nick is right, if you do it the way you talk you will have an obstrucktion in the pipe which will lead to a stoppage.

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