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      Barbara Johnson

      Had my Ridgid K1500 stolen recently. Now, I’ve noticed lately that a lot of Plumbers in my area are getting water jets on the back of their trucks and not bothering with the eel. I’ve always preferred the eel and called in the waterjet for badly blocked stormwater drains. But now I have to decide. Should I get another eel or go for the waterjet. One bloke I spoke to, worked for a company that only used jets. He said it’s not as good as the eel so they do more Dig-up jobs and thats the way his boss likes it.
      What should I get.

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      Retired plbg1

      First I would talk are go on job with someone who has a jet and see how the operation is, what I have been hearing that most plumbers think that the way to go, check it out yourself. What has me wondering is what does the jet do to a old clay or cast iron sewer, seems like it will destroy it?????

      Art retired plbg

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      I would consider a drain cleaning machine before a jetter; a jetter works great for certain situations, but it will also limit you if you are pressurizing water into a system and you cannot control the backup of water coming out. This would constitute more damage to the area, let alone the mess.

      I used an electric eel once and it was very hard to use. I use drum machines and run Spartan equipment only.

      I used that brand you had stolen also, and wrapped a curtain, pulled a TV off a table along with ripping down blinds when the cable slid over and grabbed the pull string to the blind. Those were the days of learning I swear.

      One of my first experiences dealing with drain cleaning (1985) and thank god it was for family, not a paying customer.

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