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      When installing what I beleive to be a “french drain” how deep and how close to the foundation should I lay the piping? I plan to lay it and backfill it in gravel and cover it with cheesecloth when I am done.

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      Some lay it on footing and some lay it along the side of footing.When they backfill have the time it is pushed off where ever they lay it. I was taugh to lay it on footing.

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      A french drain is a pit about 3′ in Dia. and 4′ deep filled with gravel, lay the cloth on pipe before you put rock in, where you going to pipe it too.

      Art retired plbg

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      There are two points to remember when laying a perimeter drain: 1) the foundation wall must be waterproofed ON THE OUTSIDE SURFACE; and 2) the soil and drainpipe system must be designed to carry and safely divert the load of H2O that soaks into the soil around the foundation.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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