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      In our public library basement we have a flush up toilet. I need to find the brand name or company that made it. The builder is no longer in business. Hope someone can help.
      Here is what it looks like. The unit is in the ground a foot below basement floor level. All the shows is a circular metal cover about 3 foot in diameter. On this cover are two smaller covers about 8 inches round which are bolted on and give axcess to the two pumps. An audible wall alarm indicates a malfunction along with a red lite. A green lite signals OK. The housing and cover is metal about the thickness of 55 gallond drum metal.
      When it rains hard (2 inches ) it appears water/sewarage backs up into the unit setting off the alarm. After a while the green lite comes back. This may happen several times during the rain and clears up when the rain stops. I need the company that made this to get more help and a manuel.

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      That is no flush up toilet it is a sewerage ejecter. There are different co. that make them, take off one of the covers and see if there is a name in the tank are motor. There should not be any rain water backing up in tank unless the sewer is connected to storm sewer. I will get back to you.

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      Try this one.

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